Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer Leadership Academy

More than 200 OEA members attended the 2007 SLA held in Tulsa on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We spent the last few days addressing Jim Collins' book "Good to Great" and its implications for the OEA.

During the training, our members spent time calling Speaker of the House Lance Cargill and Co-Speaker Pro Tempores, Senator Morgan ad Coffee about recent announcements where raises would only be given for merit pay and that there would be a lengthened school calendar with no additional pay or benefits.

We believe the Governor and Legislature made a promise to get teacher salaries to the regional average, and our calls encouraged those leaders to "Keep the Promise." The calls generated some publicity when Jennifer Mock of "The Oklahoman" wrote a story about all the calls- also had some radio coverage, and we will continue to get our message to lawmakers and the public about the importance of keeping the promise of getting us to the regional average in salaries.

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