Monday, July 02, 2007

Day 1 at the RA

What a first day. My wife Katherine and I just returned from the convention center after one of the most exciting days we both have ever experienced at a Representative Assembly. Attired in white, Oklahoma Centennial shirts with an RA logo on the sleeve, delegates Sabra Tucker, Shawnee and Judy Chaffin, Seminole, enjoyed the festivities.

The first day was highlighted by remarks from President Reg Weaver and appearances by three of the 2008 presidential candidates--Senator Hillary Clinton, former Senator John Edwards and Senator Chris Dodd. All three candidates are extremely supportive of public education and NEA's positive agenda for change to the No Child Left Behind Law.

The atmosphere was electric to say the least. Hearing positive comments about our public schools and our Association had delegates and guests on their feet cheering. For video clips, you can go to This is a great start as we bring in the leading contenders from both parities to showcase their educational platform and for the delegates to learn about those stances so they can take it back to their members back home.

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