Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Day 3-Independence Day in Philadelphia

What an emotional day. We went from dealing with the day to day business of the RA to celebrating Independence Day with Richard Dreyfuss. Dreyfuss shared his usual 90 minute program in 15 minutes as he implored us to continue to teach Civics in our classrooms.

His program was great--it's a shame we could only give him 15 minutes. After that, President Weaver called down all members who were in the service, or parents, or friends of someone, who had a loved one serving in Afghanistan or Iraq. As they made their way down to the front, we sang "America". It was so moving and then as they came back to their seats, we gave them a standing ovation.

After the emotional highs of celebrating over the lunch hour, after doing some more of the day to day work of the convention, we watched a video of still photos taken around the tragedy at Virginia Tech. As the names of the victims started to scroll across the screen, people started standing. It went from a wave of people in the back all the way to the front. There wasn't a dry eye in the convention center when Reg started leading us in a chant of "Lets go Hokies."

Anyone who says we don't care about kids, people, and education has no clue to what the members of the NEA are about.
Showing their holiday spirit are Beverly Boyer and Joie Estes from Muskogee.

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