Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Day 2 @ the RA-Calls, calls and more calls

Each day at the RA is always unique. We heard from 2 more candidates for President, Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Governor Bill Richardson. The Congressman was enthusisatic throughout his address and really got the crowd going.
Governor Richardson highlighted his relationship with the NEA at both the state and national levels. He has a tremendous record of supporting education which he shared with us. You can see clips of the two at http://www.nea.org/annualmeeting/raaction/07candidates.html.
At one time during the day, President Weaver had the phone numbers of Speaker Pelosi, Senator Kennedy, Congressman Miller, and Senator Harry Reid. Thousands of delegates flooded the phone lines and left messages emploring our elected leaders to support NEA's positive agenda for reauthorization for ESEA.
After one hour, Reg told us Congressman Miller's office said "If you're calling from NEA, we've already heard from everyone there." Later the office sent a message that the RA delegate's voices were being heard. Even later, Speaker Pelosi's office called and said they were getting the message. Reg replied, "Your action is being noticed, but I say, keep on calling.
Pictured making calls are some of the 100 OEA delegates to the RA.

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