Monday, July 02, 2007

Human & Civil Rights Banquet

The Human and Civil Rights Banquet takes place the night before the RA. This year, Kayln Free, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, was awarded the Leo Reano Memorial Award. The Reano award is presented for leadership in resolving social problems, particularly as they relate to individuals of American Indian/Alaska Native heritage. Ms. Free's vision is to change our histories by electing Indians to public office to best represent the diversity of America.

Free was one of several award winners honored that included the Rutger's women's basketball team, author Pam Munoz Ryan, Miss "Sweet" Alice Harris, and Barbara Kerr, past president of the California Teacher's Association.
Some of the attendees included OEA Vice-President Becky Felts, my wife Katherine from Putnam City, and NEA Director Linda Hampton and Associate Executive Director Charles McCauley.

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