Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Southwest A Zone Meeting

Last night, teachers and support professionals from Chickasha, Ninnekah, Anadarko, Burns Flat, Elk City and Cyril meet at Cottonwood Creek's Yesteryear's Diner to discuss the current issues facing education.

Our members are against the "pay for test scores" plan being talked about by some members of the state legislature and want them to "Keep the Promise" and get Oklahoma teachers to the regional average.

There was also a good deal of discussion about the extended day/school year. Time is one of the most critical issue for educators. Quality time for instruction should be addressed before quantity of time is increased. Proposals of extending the calendar will cost millions of dollars and will not make up for the fact that Oklahoma needs to invest an additional $800 million dollars just to meet the standards and accountability measures of our state and federal government.

I had a very enjoyable evening with our members in Southwest A and I look forward to coming back. They are doing a great job in their schools and districts.

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