Friday, November 02, 2007

Former Students

My brother and I played in an OKC golf scramble last Sunday, and to my surprise and delight, we were partnered with one of my former students and his dad. I spent some time catching up with Russell and his life and former classmates. Plus, we both agreed how much we enjoyed watching Stillwater High's Matt Holliday playing major league baseball with the Colorado Rockies.

The former students I've run into over the years are involved in a variety of occupations---they're teachers, coaches, pilots, service providers, engineers, journalists, insurance agents, and a professional athlete. Some are in the military in Iraq. They pursued a variety of different occupations and are productive members of Oklahoma communities. Many are parents with kids in our schools. They are teacher's and Stillwater's legacy to a quality Oklahoma.

It is always great to get reacquainted with former students. Some I may never get the chance to catch up with, but I'm proud of all my students and that I had the privilege to be one of their teachers.


ISEA said...

This is what it is all about! Some days, even some years you scratch your head and wonder if you've had an impact on the students in your classroom. What a thrill for you to continue to reconnect with the students you invested your career care for!

Roy Bishop said...

Thanks Linda. I've even had a few find me on our web page and through the blog and it's always great to reconnect.