Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Southwest A Zone Meeting at Quartz Mountain

As I drove to Quartz Mountain to meet with members from Southwest A, I was able to witness another magnificent Oklahoma sunset.

I'm never surprised by the beauty of those sunsets, and witnessing many of them has been a pleasure for me as I travel throughout the state.

The sunsets remind me of Oklahoma teachers. They are of such quality that they are so often taken for granted.

That's one of the concerns that people like Kay Plummer from Burns Flat, Glenda Ivins of Elk City, Cordell's Billie Rodrigez, Liz Picone of NEA Member Benefits, and Linda & Larry Long express to staff members Bonnie Hammock, Doug Folks and me when the discussion of pay for test scores/merit pay comes up.

The members of Southwest A have done a good job of letting their representatives know the pit falls of these plans and what will work best when it comes to enhancing teacher salaries in Oklahoma. They are representative of Oklahoma's quality teachers all across our state.

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