Monday, March 30, 2009

SB 834: State School Board Members Opposed

Not all school board members are in favor of deregulation.

"It's going to take us back 30 years," said member Gayle Miles-Scott during a long discussion of several bills that would remove State Department of Education regulations and control. "What are they drinking?"

Sue Arnn, another member, replied: "Republican whiskey, that's what they're drinking."

"These are people who never liked [former Gov.] Henry Bellmon and [House bill] 1017," said member Tim Gilpin. "We're going to do more with less by giving back to the local districts, who are the ones we're having to audit, you see."

"Every one of these kids is going to be taught differently, and that's absurd," Miles-Scott said. "What are they doing? They're totally destroying education."

SB 834 will come up for a vote on Wednesday. The following is a list of members of the House Common Education Committee. contact these legislators at 1-800-522-8502 and encourage them to vote NO on SB 834.

Ann Coody, Chair
Sally Kern, Vice Chair
Gus Blackwell
Samson Buck
Ed Cannaday
Doug Cox
David Dank
Joe Dorman
Tad Jones
Jeannie McDaniel
Earl Sears
Jabar Shumate
Daniel Sullivan

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