Friday, April 03, 2009

SB 834: A Bad Bill Moves Forward, Part 2

SB 834 Passes House Education Committee

Signs You Gave to Representatives Who Opposed SB 834 Were Ordered Taken Down By House Leadership On the Morning of the Vote

SB 834 passed out of the House Education Committee with a party line vote of 9-5. The bill is headed to a vote on the House floor. Several amendments were made to the bill. However, none of the rights that provide a voice for teachers were reconsidered. There are still no requirements for:

*Collective bargaining

*FAIR due process

*Guaranteed salaries beyond the state minimum.

Committee members added language that simply retains the informal pre-termination hearing before the school board for career teachers, however that EXCLUDES:

*Trial de novo

*Your right to bring forth witnesses

*Your right to submit evidence

*Your right to confront and cross exam witnesses

Your career would be dependent on a simple vote of the school board without any due process safeguards. Other amendments were made to the bill. The bill now requires:

*Certified teachers

*Payroll deduction of dues

*Districts to maintain current curriculum standards including minimum graduation requirements

*Continuing education courses for school board members


*Find out if your superintendent and board members are for or against 834. Many legislators have repeatedly said that superintendents and school board members are pushing SB 834.

--If your superintendent and/or school board members support the bill let your co-workers and community members know that the administrators support legislation detrimental to public education.

--If your superintendent or school board member opposes the bill, inform your legislative and political organizing specialist and your legislators.

*Attend local school board meetings and try to get on the agenda to speak about your position on SB 834.

*Continue to correspond directly with your representatives by phone and email. Click here to let your house member know you oppose this bill.

We are making a difference and we will defeat this bill.

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