Thursday, March 05, 2009

SB 834: "What are they thinking?"

A few of the arguments OEA members are hearing from their legislators include some you just want to shake your head and wonder if they even realize what they've said. Let's take a look at the latest reasons for support:

1) By deregulating schools, districts can do away with unfunded mandates. Hmmm...think about this---the legislature passes mandates for schools and districts because they believe they're important, but won't fund them? Why don't our legislators just fund the mandates? Is this even worthy of debate?

2) Our teachers and support professionals have been told "locals like you" will get a say in how things are done. This bill removes the teacher and education employee voice from the process. Your district gets a say, but the teacher sure doesn't.

Keep checking back here for information or go to the Oklahomans Against SB 834 page for more dialogue.

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