Tuesday, March 13, 2007

What are you reading...?

After spending the last few weeks reading Dr. Seuss books, I was asked the other day what I've been reading and the names of my favorite authors.

The last 3 books I've read are "The Freedom Writer's Diary" by Erin Gruwell; "Three weeks with my Brother" by Nicholas Sparks and "The Heart of a Husker-Tom Osborne's Nebraska Legacy" by Mike Babcock.

I know..I know...three totally different books about real life people. I enjoyed Gruwell's book because it's written by her students and gives a real look at what is happening in the lives of our kids.

The Sparks book was an interesting read. I liked it because I've got two brothers I've always been close with and the story line of spending time with them appealed to me.

The book about Osborne was an interesting read and a little repetitive. The author interviewed a number of former players and coaches about their thoughts regarding Tom Osborne. Though he worked with young men from 18-23 years old, he was extremely committed to the youth in our society.

I have a number of authors I enjoy reading--Peter Jenkins, Baldacci, Grisham, Flynn, some Stephen King ("Green Mile", "On Writing", "Shawshank Redemption"), Ludlum, Clancy, just about any baseball author, etc. etc. etc. I was lucky enough to have a 5th grade teacher who made reading interesting, fun, and challenging and I'll share more about her at another time.

Drop me a line and let me know what and who you enjoy reading.

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