Friday, March 02, 2007

2007 Outreach to Teach-Taft MS, OKC

This year the 2007 SOEA/OEA Outreach to Teach was held at Taft Middle School on March 2nd. Taft is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year and looking at the front of the building, you can still see the beautiful architecture that was used in its construction. However, inside, there are a great many areas in need of repair and painting. After the holes were filled in by the maintenance crew, over 250 SOEA members attacked the building with paint brushes. The results were fantastic and the change in the building corresponded with a change in attitude, I heard many of the students express, about their school. For more highlights and information about SOEA log on at

I'd like to thank the following sponsors for their help with the Outreach to Teach Program:
Ace Hardware, Acme T-Shirts, budget floors, Chili's, Christmas Connection, Edmond ACT, Enterprise Car Sales, Hollywood Video, Home Depot, Hornets Bookmobile, J & B Pipe Supply, Lowe's, NEA-Student Program, OEA BOD, OEA's Read Across America, Oklahoma Educator's Credit Union, OKC-C Zone, Pi Phi Sorority, Sonic, Staples, Taft Middle School Administrators & Staff, and USAO SOEA Books for Tots.

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