Thursday, March 08, 2007

Catoosa Eliminates Teacher & ESP Jobs

On Wednesday evening, Paul Gayowski, Joel Robison and I met with over 100 members and non-members of our Catoosa locals to address their questions and concerns regarding Catoosa's dramatic reduction-in-force (RIF) this week.

Catoosa let go 22 support professionals on Wednesday and are attempting to reduce 5 certified teachers by March 29th so that the district can address financial shortfalls attributed to the lack of supplemental money for the fixed costs of teacher salaries and an increase in all-day kindergarten costs.

It's extremely important that the legislature pass the supplemental appropriations so further RIFs don't occur in Catoosa and in other districts across the state. For more information go to

To contact your legilator go to

The action by the local district is another reason why being a member in the OEA is important part of your professional career. Our members will have representation throughout this ordeal and will be in contact with the most talented and knowledgeable advocates and attorneys in the state. It was sad to watch people who were losing their jobs ask us if they could get help if they joined on Wednesday night.

The OEA is about so much more than job action issues. We believe in great public schools for every child and work very hard to ensure that schools are adequately funded so that kids can have the best education. The OEA is in the forefront with Teaching and Learning Issues because we want every child to have a great teacher. If you are interested in joining the OEA go to

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