Monday, March 05, 2007

RAA Honored by House of Representatives

During the early part of the afternoon session of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, Representative Gus Blackwell and the House Leadership honored OEA's Read Across America program with a resolution supporting the organization's support of literacy.

It is a great honor as OEA celebrates the 10th anniversary of the RAA program. During the years, thousands of students have benefited from readings, free books and entertaining events sponsored by their local schools. During these events, I ask the kids to pledge to read with an adult they care about and love. It's my hope that Oklahoma's kids will all have a caring, significant other to help make an impact on them about the importance of reading.

After the reading of the Resolution, we gathered in the reception area for photos. In the first photo, OEA leadership was joined by Lt. Governor Jari Askins, 2007 Honorary Chair, The Cat in the Hat(OEA's Bruce Treadaway), Representative Gus Blackwell, Representative Ann Coody and OEA Associate Executive Director, Joel Robison.

The second photo is during the reading of the Resolution and the final photo is of me getting the honor of addressing the Oklahoma House of Representatives with Speaker Cargill and Representative Blackwell in the background.

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