Friday, February 23, 2007

Southwest C United for Action

Last night I met with leaders from our Southwest C Zone to discuss the NEA's Positive Agenda for the Reauthorization for ESEA and the supplemental appropriations issues that are so important to school funding.

The leaders, representing Marlow, Lawton, Ninnekah, Comanche and Duncan, are committed to involving their members in contacting their representatives in Congress and their local state representatives as well. You can contact your representatives by going to Your email message will let our Oklahoma leaders know that you want the supplemental appropriations passed to pay for the fixed costs the legislature failed to address with our $3000 pay raise.

If you would like to address Congress about NEA's Positive Agenda or the Aspen Institute's "Highly Qualified Effective Proposal" click the link at

Your emails, letters, cards and notes will make the difference.

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