Sunday, February 25, 2007

MEA Meeting in Muskogee

I spent Saturday morning in Muskogee, as the Muskogee Education Association held their local meeting before spending the rest of the day in professional development opportunities. They met on Saturday because of all the days missed due to the extreme ice storm that made the national news. The drive up Highway 69 was incredible. The closer I got to Muskogee, the more damage you could see. While these photos don't really do the storm damage justice, you can see some of the damage in the trees. From some minor tree damage by the HS sign, to major damage by a home in Muskogee.

I would be insulting our members and the community if I said I understood what they experienced. I've only been without power for a few hours while many of these people endured for days. Despite all of the problems and inconveniences, school is back in session, hundreds of teachers were getting their professional development, and the year is back on track; albeit with a few changes.

Mark Peters is the President in Muskogee. The MEA has over 90% membership and because of its solidarity, Muskogee teachers are the highest paid in the state. After I finished talking, a number of them gathered for a picture before joining their colleagues in their professional development meetings.

I met a large number of our members and had a great time with them.

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