Monday, February 26, 2007

Congressman Lucas Visit

This afternoon, Teaching & Learning Specialist Larry Miller and I met with Congressman Frank Lucas to discuss NEA's Positive Agenda for the reauthorization of ESEA. As you know, we agree with the goals of the law, but we believe in order for it to be successful, positive changes need to be made in order to meet the law's lofty goals for our kids, teachers and schools.

We addressed the areas of Accountability/Assessment, Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP), Teacher Accountability, and Funding. We also told Congressman Lucas that our teachers were against the proposal from the Aspen Institute that would create "Highly Qualified Effective" teachers, thus creating another hoop for teachers to jump through. This proposal guarantees that 25% of all teachers would fail every year.

The Congressman wants to hear your stories and opinions. You can email him at


Anonymous said...

I was doing some searching for OEA information and had no idea you were now the OEA President (where have I been since 2003?).

I was one of your students for Civics in the 80s at Stillwater Junior High.

Blessings to you! Karla (Riggs) Neese

Roy Bishop said...

Hi Karla; thanks for the kind thoughts. I hope all is well. I read a couple of posts on your blog--good reading. It's always great to catch up on former students. Of course, now all of you are adults with families of your own. Congratualtions.

Keep in touch.