Sunday, February 25, 2007

2007 Advocacy Conference

My Friday ended at the 2007 Advocacy Conference "The Oklahoma Centennial" held at the Waterford Marriott. The conference is a two-day opportunity for people to deal with a variety of issues relating to advocacy for schools and teacher/support professional issues.

As I welcomed the attendees, I encouraged all of them to email their representatives at both the federal and state levels dealing with NEA's Positive Agenda for the reauthorization of ESEA and the supplemental appropriations for schools.

After the welcome, Gary Caimano, of Celebrate Productions, Inc., discussed Oklahoma's Centennial Celebration plans and the opening extravaganza in Tulsa. We then watched part of a documentary of the planning and celebration. It was a tremendous show and I wish I could have been there in person.

For more information on our state's centennial, use the link at In the photo on the left, Gary meets with Mike McIlwee, Chisolm and Linda Hampton of Pleasant Grove. The photo on the right shows a full house for the evening program.

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