Sunday, January 14, 2007

Neither rain nor sleet...

Despite the severe weather conditions in Oklahoma, 10 members of the Putnam City Classroom Teacher's Association were able to make it to the 2007 Western Region Leadership Conference held in Overland Park, Kansas on January 12-14th.

The conference participants are recognized as leaders and future leaders addressing issues impacting education. After hearing NEA President Reg Weaver give the conference key-note address, first time participants Rene Allen, Cindy Lee and Michele Shelite from Putnam City, had their picture taken with President Weaver and the Cat-in-the-Hat.

NEA's "Read Across America" is always highlighted at the conference as its members prepare for the annual program on and around March 2nd. I'll post more on the Oklahoma program at a later time.

The conference featured quality workshops, addresses by NEA Vice-President Dennis Van Roekel and Secretary Lily Eskelsen, and state planning sessions to address state specific issues.

While the weather kept some of our members from making it to Overland Park, the group that made it did a great job of representing the OEA.

The 2008 conference will be held in Austin, Texas.

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