Monday, July 27, 2009

Thoughts from a Boston Cab Driver

During a cab ride back to my hotel on my recent stay in Boston, I struck up conversation with the driver. He shared a number of interesting stories including fares in which he picked up a number of athletes, Mr. & Mrs. Tom Hanks, and his favorite passenger, Donald Sutherland. As the conversation shifted to Boston and the surrounding area, I asked him how long he’d been a resident. All my life, he said.

When someone responds in that manner, I always ask them why. For the driver, it was two reasons. The first was one I wasn’t surprised to hear, the four distinct seasons, which he loved. Many of the locals have said the same thing.

I was surprised with his second reason. He said he loved the commitment to higher education the city had to offer. Kids from all over the world come to Boston for school, and a large number of them stay and make their homes here. He loved the thought that his city was never growing old and that wouldn’t be happening without the colleges and universities in the area.

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