Wednesday, February 20, 2008

NEA Special Education Cadre in OKC & Lawton

The NEA Special Education Cadre was in OKC at the end of last week to help train teachers interested in being part of the inaugural OEA Cadre. Committed members from all over the state came to be a part of this special program. As they put together programs to be presented, they will have an opportunity to address issues regarding IDEA and its impact on our kids, teachers, and schools.

After the program finished up, the Cadre spent two days in Lawton presenting workshops to the Special Needs Teachers and their aides. The programs were well received and in cooperation and collaboration with the Lawton Public Schools and Judy Runnels, President and the outstanding members of the Professional Educator's Association of Lawton.

I had the honor of addressing both gatherings before the start of the programs and it was another OEA succesful teaching and learning project.

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