Monday, February 25, 2008

2008 Advocacy Conference

Over 200 people attended the OEA’s 2008 Advocacy Conference in OKC this last weekend. Participants were from all over the state and included both teachers and support professionals. They were provided with a number of workshops to address advocacy issues relevant to today’s work environment. Pictured above are the members of TCTA.

The keynote session was presented by Robb Gray, the State Project Coordinator for the Center on Budget and Policy Profiles in Washington, D.C. Rob works with State Fiscal Analysis Initiative organizations and other nonprofit groups. His presentation discussed the current state of Oklahoma’s budget and tax structure and the threats confronting the state’s ability to provide for a quality education system long-term. This program is part of OEA’s commit to our program on Taxation, Economic Development and School Funding (TEF).

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