Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More Back to School Events

Monday, August 13th-It is always great to get back and spend a little time with my colleagues in Stillwater. I taught 8th and 9th grade geography there before being elected to an officer in the OEA. Many of the teachers I've worked with over the years are still there. That is always a tribute to the commitment of our professionals no matter what district they are working for.

I enjoyed the back to school meeting and the opportunity to share the concerns of teachers regarding merit pay plans and extended school calendars. Teachers are extremely concerned about the direction this is taking us while avoiding the real issues of public education--lower class size, state of the art technology, updated textbooks and a quality living wage that would encourage more people to enter the teaching profession.

There are too many good friends in Stillwater for me to name them all, but I want them to know it was great seeing everyone.

Tuesday, August 14th--I traveled to Chelsea and met with President Debbie Hoskins and her membership. Chelsea is just north of Claremore and is really a pleasant drive. I got to meet a lot of great people in Chelsea and the local even signed up 5 new members during the program. Debbie does an outstanding job and I'm proud of the work she does.

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