Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Merit Pay Problems in Texas

All we need is another level of bureaucracy in our government. Everyone should read this article about the largest merit pay plan in the country:

A couple of quotes from the article:
Critics of the $100 million merit bonus plan – the largest in the nation – said it's hard to know whether schools are any better for it yet.

"How effective can a merit pay system be ... where teachers have to think what is here today could be gone tomorrow?" Mr. Kouri said. "Essentially, folks are still doing the same things at schools, and sometimes they get money for it – sometimes they don't."

"Teachers here operate pretty much the same way they did before" the program, said Ms. Wise, academic coordinator at the school and a classroom teacher for 25 years. "Dangling that extra money out there didn't really make much difference in terms of classroom instruction."

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