Thursday, August 13, 2009

Editorial Facts and Common Sense: The Same Weak Argument

"Furthermore, the income tax cuts of recent years aren’t responsible for the revenue shortfall."--An excerpt from a recent editorial in the Oklahoman when discussing the shortfall in collections as state agencies are notified they will face a 5% cut in their budgets.

The impact of the cuts will have cost Oklahoma $ 2 Billion in growth revenue. The writer(s) try to continually make their weak argument at every chance they get forgetting the lessons they should have learned if they would have done their homework regarding the last time our state cut growth money when oil prices were high.

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Fred said...

The editors must honestly feel that if you even read their tripe your dumb enough to believe it. Basic common sense, if the legislature cuts revenue even though you have a shortfall, then when income declines, the shortfall will be bigger. It is a no brainer, well then that DOES describe the Oklahoman editorial staff and the legislature. Could they seriously think that people will believe if we cut revenue we will have more money? That logic could not possibly be more flawed.