Thursday, February 19, 2009


If you like the situation America is in now because of banking and investment deregulation, imagine the price our schools will pay if Senate Bill 834 is passed. The school deregulation bill is headed to the Senate floor after it passed through the Senate Education Committee by a 7-6 party line vote. (R-D).

The Senators will vote on SB 834 in the coming weeks. The bill is this year’s end-all deregulation bill. It threatens your local association’s right to negotiate a contract and would eventually deregulate all Oklahoma Public Schools.

This bill eliminates the teacher voice and adversely impacts kids with no limits on class size, while doing away with certified teachers and teacher quality through up-to-date professional development.

By eliminating the teacher's voice and school employee's voice, we won't be able to bargain contracts and working conditions including salary, and health benefits. The bill also eliminates due process rights.

Supporters are telling us that "teachers will be taken care of" with this legislation, but it will destroy years of working relationships between superintendents, school boards and our local associations.

Tell your local senator that this is not good for our public schools and they need to vote no on deregulation.


Anonymous said...

Read this story about Senator Halligan speaking with the Stillwater Education Association.

Roy Bishop said...

Thanks for the story--this was the link that worked for me:

Let me know if this isn't the right story.

Anonymous said...

It's about time they deregulated!

Roy Bishop said...

And if you love the way deregulation has worked in the banking industry you'll love what it will do to our schools.

Anonymous said...

what does banking and crappy Fed-govt. supported sub-prime mortgage lending have to do with the quality of education that you're providing our kids?

the teacher's union isn't concerned about the kids or their parents or the quality of education given. it's concerned with dues and membership numbers.

Anonymous said...

Why are you afraid to leave your name with your statements? The 'teachers' union' led this state to the reforms/improvements we have now thanks to HB 1017. Deregulating will do away with all the good that HB 1017 has done, such as class size limits, limits on the number of students teachers can see in a day's time, resources for classroom, scheduled lesson planning times for teachers, etc. Mainly, the class size issue was an issue the children have benefited from the most. We cannot teach 25+ kindergarteners at a time!! It is also a safety issue. You really seem determined to blame the 'union' for the way people raise their kids. If parents would discipline their kids and say "No" more, kids would be better behaved in school and the others could learn and the teachers could teach more. OUr hands are tied due to the litigus society we live in today. And then you have the parents who deny their children need tutoring, behavioral evaluation, retention, more sleep, better meals, more attention, a bath, etc....
Teachers care about their students. It seems that it is the public that does not care about the schools. We fight for the rights of students as well as teachers. Who else does? Is their a parent lobby? Name one!!