Thursday, October 09, 2008

What are you Reading?

I just finished a couple of thrillers---"The First Commandment" by Brad Thor and "The Book of Lies" authored by Brad Meltzer. This is the first time I've ever read Thor and I will try him one more time before passing judgement on his work. I've enjoyed a number of Meltzer's work and recommend him highly.


Mark said...

Roy, I just finished Lincoln at Cooper Union: The Speech That Made Abraham Lincoln President by Harold Holzer, and have started The Coldest Winter: America and the Korean War, by David Halberstam.
I also read Counselor: A Life at the Edge of History, by Ted Sorensen.
All three are great books. Cooper Union lays out more of the details on Lincolns pursuit of the Presidency, Counselor focuses on Sorensens relationship with JFK, and the Coldest Winter seems appropriate with what is going on in the world. Plus I think Halberstam is a great writer, The Children is one of the best books I have ever read.

Roy Bishop said...

Hey Mark--
It sounds like you've had some pretty good reads.

I had one I really wanted to enjoy but it really needed some work. The clunker was "Yogi Berra: The Life and Times of an American Original by Carlo DeVito.

It seemed every passage was about Yogi not looking like a ballplayer no matter who he met. It got so old I got frustrated with the book and put it aside. I doubt I'll ever pick it up again.

Berra was a person I wanted to read about, but this book didn't do it for me.