Friday, October 17, 2008

2008 OEA Convention

The 2008 OEA Convention, "A Framework for Understanding Poverty" was held yesterday at the Mabee Center on the Campus of Oral Roberts University. Featured guest speaker, Dr. Ruby Payne, presented her thoughts and ideas on the issues and challenges educators face as they try to meet the educational needs of children in poverty.

Our members really enjoyed the day with Dr. Payne and left with a lot of insight. They also shared a great deal with Dr. Payne about their own experiences with children and parents in poverty.

As a teacher who is committed to life-long learning, I wish I would have been exposed to Dr. Payne's work earlier in my career. The knowledge would have made me a better teacher.


Ruby said...

I loved having the opportunity to work with educators. I believe that we give the gift of education every day. Ruby Payne

Roy Bishop said...

Thanks for the great presentation Ruby.