Friday, August 01, 2008


Here are a variety of stories on the HOPE-Helping Oklahoma Public Education Campaign press conferences held in Sand Springs and Midwest City. I will be on the road today, but I will check in with readers later this afternoon with more of my thoughts.
Oklahoman,Tulsa World, TWVideo, Ch 5 Print Story, Ch 5 Video, Ch 6 Story and Video, AP, Education Week (free registration required for Ed W.)

The HOPE campaign would raise per pupil spending to the regional average and is supported by a variety of education groups including the Oklahoma Parent Teachers Association, Oklahoma School Boards Association, the Cooperative Council of Oklahoma School Administration, the Organization of Rural Oklahoma Schools and the United Suburban Schools Association just to name a few.


Anonymous said...

I’ve found your $850 Million to fund the schools. The Oklahoma Cooperation Commission 2006 reports that in 2006 there were 62,841,000 barrels of oil produced in Oklahoma and 1,645,000,000 MMBTU of Natural gas produced. By increasing the production tax on these from 7.05% to 10.05% with Oil prices at $130 a barrel and MMBTU at $12.50 you would raise $862 Million dollars. And since we produce more than we use in Oklahoma it would be people in other states that would be paying the taxes.

Royalty owners in Oklahoma may not like the plan that much, but since prices have doubled they have been getting a lot more money. So if last year they got $100 after taxes and this year the price has doubled and we increase the tax by 3% they would get $194. Still much more than they were before but that extra $6 would go to the schools.

Anonymous said...

Also since oil company's own 7/8th of the wells in Oklahoma, 7/8th of the $862 Million would be paid by oil companies and only 12.5% would be paid by individuals.