Friday, May 11, 2007

A Member of the Family

Last night, my wife Katherine and I made the difficult decision to euthanize our golden retriever, Callie. Standing beside us were my step-daughter Samantha, and her fiance, Neil.

There are dogs who love to fetch and then there's Callie. I've never been around a dog who would never tire out. She would pester you with whatever ball she could get a hold of and then when you started to throw, you were in for a game. It didn't matter if it was hot or cold out, rain or snow, if you wanted the game to end, you would have to go inside. She really loved the game of fetch and life in general.

Callie had been diagnosed with cancer about a month ago, and we were blessed to share some really good weeks with her before she just tired out. Euthanizing a family pet is never an easy decision. Callie had been with Samantha and her brother Michael as they grew up. You think about the fun times they had together as you watch your children, and their dog, grow up together.

You have a special love and place in our heart Callie. We will miss you.


ISEA said...

My heart goes out to you and your family, Roy. Our four-legged, fuzzy-faced critters give us unconditional love--no one could ask for more!

Roy Bishop said...

Unconditional love--without a doubt. Thanks for your kind words, ISEA.

christylevings said...

Thinking of you all and hoping the memories of all the good and fun times remain with you forever!
Dave and Christy

Roy Bishop said...

Thanks Christy and Dave. We are adjusting and so are our other two dogs. We have a number of great memories.