Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bartlesville Meeting

At the monthly meeting of the Bartlesville Education Association, President Judy Allen reviewed the accomplishments of the EA, which includes Bartlesville's 5 Star Local Award--the highest honor for a local. Good job to Judy and all of her building representatives and local members.

The meeting was also an opportunity to honor the retiring teachers. These outstanding teachers, Susan West, Mary Ann Cale, Melody Eggleston, Cindy Dronyk, Jeannie Bennett, and Pat Copp have over 175 years of teaching experience, and about that many in the Association. They will be tough to replace because of the positive impact they've had on Bartlesville's children. Congratulations ladies. I'd also like to thank Cindy for her great work with the EA. Cindy is looking forward to getting involved with Oklahoma Retired Educators Association.

During the meeting, I shared the news of the decision by the Supreme Court on our A & E Lawsuit. While they were disappointed about the outcome, they are committed to doing the right things for children, teachers and education. Gerald Thompson is an active EA member who recently represented Bartlesville at the Delegate Assembly last April.

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