Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Grassroots Lobbying Program

OEA's grassroots lobbying program was held in both Tulsa and Oklahoma City in an effort to meet the needs of the number of people interested in participating in the program. The program is designed to find people who are interested in becoming more actively involved in the legislative process when it comes to legislation that impacts education.

A variety of issues were presented to the groups on Saturday morning including OEA's current legislative agenda. Our members looked at research showing the impact of taxation, economic development and school funding all play in the success of our schools and state. They also discussed a number of issues and concerns with the reauthorization of the "No Child Left Behind Law" and NEA's positive agenda for change to be considered in the reauthoriztion talks.

It was another great meeting of our members coming together on a Saturday to learn about how they can make a difference in the legislative arena.

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