Monday, April 30, 2007

Charter Schools

Charter schools do not adhere to public education rules and regulations.

The charter school legislation is still alive and gaining momentum in the Oklahoma Legislature. The bills would allow large cities, the State Department of Education and certain higher education entities to sponsor a charter school. OEA is against SB 661 and HB 1589 for the following reasons:

Ø Charter schools do not allow teachers to negotiate a contract

Ø Charter schools are not required to pay teachers on the state minimum salary schedule

Ø Charter schools can fire a teacher for any reason, making every teacher an “at-will” employee.

Ø There is no proven research that shows charter schools sponsored by cities or state government entities are successful in the United States.

The Legislature is constantly adding rules and regulations to common education standards, but this legislation will open the door to many entities to open schools without being regulated.

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