Monday, December 11, 2006

NEA Board Meetings

Four times a year, the National Education Association holds its Board of Director's meetings at the NEA headquarters located in Washington, DC. The Directors are elected representatives and the number in each state is based on the membership size of the particular state. The Directors are active classroom teachers, support professionals, students, retired teachers, or administrators. Oklahoma has two Directors, Linda Hampton from Pleasant Grove and Greg Johnson from Mustang. Both Linda and Greg are active classroom teachers.

Directors are elected by the membership and serve three year terms. They are limited to two terms. Linda and Greg will travel across the state to attend a variety of Association meetings. They get input from members to take back to both the Boards of the OEA and the NEA.

I'm also in Washington during those meetings to attend the meeting of the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education. The state president is the elected representative for their particular state. The most recent meeting was last week.

After the "Fund Meeting", Presidents and Directors will lobby their Senators and Representatives on educational issues about schools, children, and teachers. I'll update our lobby efforts in another post.

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