Thursday, May 21, 2009

Teacher Voice Not Silenced & We Need a Veto

As the 2009 legislative session comes to a close, we need to continue to be vigilant about so-called "education reform" getting placed into bills at the last minute. First, a victory-- House Bill 1935 threatened to silence the teacher voice by removing teachers and retired teachers from the Teacher Retirement System Board.

A big thank you goes out to all the Democratic Senators and Republican Senators Harry Coates, Patrick Anderson and Jonathan Nichols for voting no and stopping the passage of HB 1935 on the Senate floor.

Veto SB 394 Notification bill still awaits action by the Governor

We also need to contact Governor Henry and ask him to veto Senate Bill 394. It passed out of the House last week and is still awaiting action from the Governor. SB 394 will:

*Move the notification date for teacher contract renewals from April 10th to the first Monday in June.

*Teachers may not find out if they are employed or not by the district until it is too late to reasonably find other employment.

It looks like the legislative session will end this Friday, a week early, based on an agreement by all involved.

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