Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oklahoma Initiative Petition Process Works

In a recent piece in the Oklahoman, the OEA was acknowledged as a group that has been successful in getting an initiative petition (HOPE) to the ballot. The piece goes on to talk about how the process needs to be changed by lowering the signature number and/or increasing the time it takes to get the signatures.

Our process works now. If you have an issue people support, they will sign your petition.

Here is the excerpt about the OEA from the Oklahoman:

Our biggest concern with the process has centered on the number of signatures required, which varies depending on the purpose of the initiative but is always a big number. The Oklahoma Education Association, for example, needed 138,970 valid signatures for its petition seeking increased funding for public schools. It had no trouble meeting that threshold....[More than 238,000 signed the petition.]


Russell said...

Agreed. OEA got how many signatures in how many days? Why would anyone need less signatures and more time?

Roy Bishop said...

You're right Russell-238,000+ in only 60 days. When you have the right issue, people will sign the petition.

karen said...

Hi Roy. thanks for visiting my blog, so here I am at yours.. greetings from Africa!

Roy Bishop said...

Karen--Thanks for stopping by. There are many places in Africa I'm looking forward to visiting in the near future. Keep sharing on your blog.