Saturday, September 06, 2008

Moore Wars and HOPE

The HOPE volunteers were gathered in the football parking lot collecting signatures for the ballot initiative. There were many people willing to take the time to sign and support our schools as they made their way to the annual Moore Wars football game between Moore and Moore West.

There were many compelling stories from patrons. They are extremely frustrated with the legislature and Oklahoma's lack of investment in their kids. It's a shame our legislators aren't hearing these stories of concern about the future of Oklahoma children and the impact it will have our state.

In the picture is Moore ACT member Keri Ortega, OEA Staff members Sherri Childress and Pam Westbrook, and MACT mebers Teresa Potter and Monte Lawler. In the back row are MACT members Jill Dudley and David Wall; and me, Bruce Treadaway and David Kueter of the OEA.


Roy Bishop said...

Hey Keri-

For some reason the pic didn't come through. If you've still got it send it to me at


Roy Bishop said...

The pic came through on Sunday. Thanks Keri.