Monday, July 07, 2008

Day 3 @ the RA-July 5th

After about one hour of work on new business items, the delegates to the RA were addressed by Senator Barrack Obama. Yesterday delegates were asked to vote on whether the NEA should recommend the candidacy of Senator Obama to its members. The yes vote was nearly 80 percent.

Senator Obama received the recommendation after a long process that started over a year ago. Candidates were asked to fill out a questionnaire, interview with President Weaver, and appear at the 2007 RA in Philadelphia. All viable Republican and Democratic candidates were contacted. All eight of the Democrats followed through, but sadly, only 1 Republican, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee made the effort.

The delegates look forward to a presidential candidate who supports teachers, kids, and schools and is willing to address the areas of concern NEA members have with NCLB.

On Day 2, we also elected a new Secretary-Treasurer to, Becky Pringle, from Pennsylvania to fill out the leadership team of President-elect Dennis Van Roekel and Vice-President-elect Lily Eskelsen.

To fill out the executive committee, two members were elected, Princess Moss of Virginia, and Len Paolillo of Massachusetts.

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