Wednesday, April 02, 2008

OEA Lobby Day & others at the Capitol

Yesterday's lobby day was a tremendous success. The OEA had 125 teachers and support professionals from all regions of the state to address the funding issues and bills that we believe are dismantling education.

The funding issue is critical. There is a $32M shortfall from the 1017 fund that superintendents have tried to address in the form of supplemental funding (Tulsa World Editorial) as Oklahoma finds out where it ranks in comparison to other states in per pupil spending.

SJR 59 will create a $25M shortfall for education. While it was addressed by a number of people in education, including Coalition-Chair Pat McGregor's op-ed piece, perhaps the most interesting came from a group of students from Fletcher. As part of a class project, the kids came to the Capitol to lobby and then held a press conference about their experience.

OEA members also addressed their opposition SB 2100 which would create Charter School Districts and SB 2093 which would establish a voucher program in our state.

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