Monday, March 31, 2008

NE D Legislative Update

Last Thursday, Associate Executive Joel Robison and I spent the evening with some of our members in NE D to address legislative issues.

There are a number of bills out there that attack schools and their funding sources, threatening to dismantle our public schools. I've addressed those bills in earlier posts and when you couple them with the diversion or decrease of funds for schools, you end up with a huge hit to our schools.

Those include SJR 59-$25M, SB 2093 $5M, $32M shortfall from the 1017 Fund, the possible transfer of $70M of education funding to roads and bridges as well as the loss of $562M in revenue due to tax cuts.

This isn't just putting education in jeopardy, but a number of state agencies are feeling the crunch and the results will be devastating to Oklahoma.

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